Energize Learning!

We energize learning and make it in organizations
NEW to experience so that people act and shape the future.

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for organization
and decision makers

We get organizations to act, teams to deliver and
people to grow.

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Learning ist our passion!

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Manifest - peachr tangible

  • We believe that learning determines future viability.
  • A group is much more intelligent than we previously thought - if you let it.
  • Purpose first - economy is clear anyway.
  • No intervention overflow: Simple is always more difficult, but costs less in the end.
  • We ask questions before we give answers. Sometimes uncomfortable, but effective.
  • No development without challenge.
  • We are partners, not service providers. This is how we achieve the best results.

How we understand learning

  • It's about application and getting into action - building knowledge alone is no longer enough.
  • Learning and personal development belong together. This is the difference between knowledge and competence.
  • Learning always takes place on a personal, group and organizational level and everyone learns differently.
  • A changed understanding of learning automatically leads to a new understanding of teaching. Who teaches and who learns? We believe: everyone.
  • Presence becomes more exclusive. Online requires tailoring and social interaction. Nothing works without the strength/synergy of the group.
  • Everyone learns what they want to know: we act as eye and door openers.
  • Differentiated feedback is indispensable: feed forward, feed back and feed up.
  • Learning, movement and joy belong together.
  • Responsibility is assumed especially when there is freedom to create and learn.
  • Personnel development is always also organizational development.

Key Topics

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"We get
to act"

Transformation and Change

  • Accompanying voluntary and involuntary changes, designing transparency, integration, communication, strategy, scenarios.
  • Future-proof organizational design and implementation architecture.
  • Transfer of company-specific learning offerings into new, secured hybrid formats.
Teamsins Liefern

„We get
to deliver“

Gas stations for key people

  • Strengthen and accompany (cross-)functional teams.
  • Clarify roles, get to know each other, feedback.
  • From error to learning culture.
  • Conflict resolution and reflection.
  • Knowledge management: training platforms for practical self-learning, preservation of monopoly knowledge that is in danger of being lost.
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"We get
to grow“

Cooperation and learning culture

  • Training of leadership and management competence: personality development, new tools and transfer to complex fields of application.
  • Flexible, modular building blocks for key individuals and groups.
  • Coaching on a wide range of topics: Success factors, brakes as well as individual challenges. For more successful decision-making, strengthened leadership and fewer tests of endurance.
  • Re-orchestrate learning processes to online: synchronous or asynchronous, individual or group, online or face-to-face, social interaction via social video learning.

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